Creation & Innovation

The next generation of technical innovation is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Lower costs and low code development are increasing the speed of adaption.  Are you ready to innovate with AI?

Chatbot Virtual Assistants

Customize a virtual assistant chatbot to serve your business's low value high cost tasks.  Create an extension of your office administration using cognitive computing.

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Intelligent Video Surveillance

World class people search, real-time alerts, facial recognition, statistical analysis with a standards-based, open, extensible architecture.  IBM Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA).

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AI Search

Develop deep learning insights in your unstructured data.  Research your corpus of documents, emails, legal cases, contracts to uncover insights like never before.

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Speech To Text

Designed for phone surveillance, our phone transcribing with machine learning application will provide tremendous value for a number of industries.  AI is fueling automation.

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IoT - Age of Automation

Connecting and Automating is the key to future development.  We are aiming to help government & private sectors innovate energy & utilities management.

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Auto Social Media Publisher

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI Social Media is designed to curate social media posts from articles that pertain to your specific industry. Easy to start.

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Use Cases


Designed and developed a financial lending application using IBM Watson conversational AI.  The chatbot automated an interview and collected each applicants' financial history. The app leveraged machine learning to determine each applicant's payback risk level. Producing a $40 per applicant savings on 4,000 monthly submissions.


CEO, Neal Meinke was a guest on Arizona's Money Talk radio show 105.3 in October 2019.  Click on the logo to listen.

Next Steps...

Contact us with your questions, plans, or goals.  We are excited to work on new projects.