What is AI Social Media?


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI Social Media is designed to curate social media posts from articles that pertain to your specific industry. It does this by finding the top engaging articles in your field, determines the most relevant, summarizes, curates, and posts an intelligent summary of that article to your social media pages.  Using data that shows when most users in your market are active on social media, AI Social Media will also post during the most active times to help ensure that our articles will see the best traffic.





Unique to Your Company


AI Social Media, is not a one size fits all tool. Each variation is trained specifically to your company and field. This will ensure that each post is relevant to your company and field.  You will never have to worry about forgetting to post, or struggling to find articles. This will save you time, energy, and money!


Use Your Own Content


AI Social Media does not need to use articles from the internet. If your company has articles, documentation, or blogs, AI Social Media can be pointed “inwards” and curate content from those. This will allow you to keep traffic coming to your site and provide better client retention and conversion.



  1. Keep active on social media while focusing on your business
  2. Never miss a post
  3. Save time, energy and money
  4. Have current date content posted to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter automatically everyday
  5. Optimize posts automatically by posting during the times of highest engagement for your industry



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