Speech to Text & Speech Analytics


Develop applications that transcribe speech-to-text.  The possibilities are truly endless.  The most popular use case is transcribing audio from phone conversations into written text documents.  You can leverage Speech-to-Text technology to gain insights from your unstructured data such as conversations.  Natural Language Processing and machine learning are tools that can be used to fine tune accuracy which ultimately leads to gaining insights from your unstructured data.


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Computing system detects:


Use cases, but not limited to the following applications:


Solution Benefits:

  1. Listen to every phone conversation with 95% accuracy.   
  2. Reduce number of officers (labor costs) committed to a single conversation.  
  3. Transcribe multiple languages into english (example: Spanish)
  4. Ability to speed read content for specific insights relating to criminal behavior
  5. Ability to store and provide content for legal reasons
  6. Build business solution leveraging voice command computing