Voice Technology Application Development


There are reports that claim over 47 million smart speakers have been sold in the U.S. alone.  The most popular smart speakers like Amazon's Alexa and Google's Home have infiltrated homes across America and abroad.  There's most certainly an audience, but businesses are trying to figure out just how to expand their brands to voice technology.  Companies are experimenting with the development of 'Skills' as they are referred to on Amazon.   However, a majority of brands are struggling to leverage voice technology in a way that brings value to consumers to justify using.  There are endless applications that will soon take hold.  Are you thinking about an idea?


Example voice technology applications that are bringing value:


  • Insurance claims - Leverage Watson's Speech-to-Text & Assistant to create powerful solutions
  • Conversational Forms in Financial lending (Personal auto & home loans)
  • Virtual Personal Assistants - Checkout Google's example: Hair Salon Appointment
  • Ecommerce purchases by Voice (Amazon Alexa has mastered this process)
  • Health & Fitness Coaching with daily diet monitoring & recipe sharing
  • Developing applications for commercial vehicle virtual assistants